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        • Magnetic tourmaline collar

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          The magnetic tourmaline collar is the best tool for relieving stiffness and tension in neck and shoulders areas. It is intended for preventive care and for the relief of neck pain in spines, rheumatism, cervical osteochondrosis, thyroid problems, sleep problems, colds, headaches, loss of concentration and fatigue.

          The magnetic tourmaline collar is made using Japanese technology. It incorporates tourmaline crystals, permanent magnets, bamboo charcoal and organic germanium. They are implanted in a three-layer structure of special fabric made of high-tech polymer fibres. The collar perfectly supports the neck and head and aids its movement.

          Collar length - 51 cm. Impact area - 13 cm high and 12 cm wide.

          Application of magnetic tourmaline collar

          The use of the magnetic tourmaline collar normalizes the functions of osteoblasts (bone-forming cells), restores joints, intervertebral discs and bone tissue. Strengthens bone resilience, stimulates synovial fluid production and provides reliable lubrication of joint surfaces. Wearing the collar reduces the wear of the discs in cervical osteochondrosis, improves the condition and function of the cervical vertebrae. Increases the elasticity of bone-joints, removes muscle tension, stress, and increases the body's resistance and endurance. It helps to tone up the body faster and to deal with fatigue, tension and stress more effectively, and has a general strengthening effect on the body. Particularly suitable for people working on a daily basis on a computer.

          The magnets embedded in the tourmaline collar magnet form a resonant magnetic field on acupuncture points that interact with the human body. The magnetic field strength is 1000 Gauss, which provides an effective improvement of blood circulation promotes metabolism and improves health status.

          Effect of tourmaline in the magnetic tourmaline collar

          Tourmaline is a kind of natural crystal containing boron and complex silicate minerals. Its microstructure resembles cylindrical crystals. Tourmaline crystals have the characteristics of a positive and a negative permanent electrode. No matter the shape of the crystal, it generates the same current, about 0.06 mA, at both ends. The tourmaline crystals naturally react and bind to the human bio field. Tourmaline contains sodium, magnesium, iron, lithium, boron and is extremely rich in minerals and trace elements. It has an important positive effect on metabolism and the endocrine system.

          Tourmaline emits infrared radiation. Under the influence of infrared rays, the temperature of the skin and subcutaneous tissue increases, leading to increased and improved blood microcirculation. Most of the blood is made up of water. When its molecules come in contact with the tourmaline molecules, the mobility of the water molecules improves and consequently the blood microcirculation. This reduces the lipids and viscosity (density) of the blood in the areas where the collar is placed.

          In addition, tourmaline releases negative ions, which have a rapid restorative effect, improve respiratory function, and encourage cells to absorb more readily nutrients and expel metabolic waste from the body. 

          How to use magnetic tourmaline collar

          The collar has a pleasant design. Extremely easy to use, discreet and can be used anywhere, anytime. Put it on naked and gently fasten it with the help of the adhesive end.

          The collar can be worn throughout the day or only when specific pains occur. For best effect, it is recommended to wear it for at least 1-2 hours a day, taking it off during sleep, unless the pain is particularly severe.


          If redness, fever or hyperthermia occurs in some parts of the body, remove the collar. Over time, the body becomes accustomed to the feeling of intense heat, and this allows the collar to be worn for longer.

          The collar can be carefully washed in water up to 30°C by hand, avoiding winding and bending. Do not wash in an automatic washing machine! Dry cleaning is not recommended.

          Contraindications for wearing a magnetic tourmaline collar

          The collar is not recommended to be worn by pregnant women, children or people suffering from serious heart problems such as recently having a severe heart attack or heart surgery, having a pacemaker (pacemaker).

          Not to be used by people with high fever, open skin wounds, soft tissue injury in the area of ​​collar use. Be careful if you have skin allergies. Do not wear the collar if you are prone to severe bleeding after having a haemorrhagic stroke, in case of thyroid hyper function and individual intolerance.

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