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        • Air quality analyzer

          Ozone, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds analyzer

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          • 2.8 "Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD), 320x240 Pixels

          • User adjustable ozone alarm (O3) for elevated levels

          • Readmarked characteristics: PM 2.5/1.0/10, ozone (O3), TVOC, temperature, humidity

          • Built-in fan to suck atmospheric air for more accurate real-time results

          • Lithium battery with a capacity of 1200 mAh

          • 5V DC power supply via a micro USB port

          • Product dimensions: 155 x 87 x 35 mm

          • Product weight: 350 g.


          This product is a multifunctional air quality detector that detects ozone (O3), total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), particulate matter < 2.5 µm (PM 2.5/1/10), temperature and humidity function and clock function and Record function. The air quality assembly combines multiple air sensors with a built-in fan to allow for the monitoring of its digital Ozone LCD (O3) in real time, total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), PM 2.5/1.0/10, temperature and humidity.

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