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Nasal shower

Nasal shower - purpose

Nasal douche is a way to refresh and clean the nasal passages. It is the introduction of liquid into the nose. This process helps to open the nasal passages and remove the accumulated secretion and impurities in them.

To perform the procedure with a nasal shower, only clean and filtered water is used, which should be warm to body temperature. This is important to avoid irritation or burning of the nasal cavity. A saline solution can also be prepared to clean and refresh the nasal passages.

What is the Nasal Douche procedure?

The nasal shower procedure begins with bending the body forward to provide easier access to the nostrils. Next, carefully insert the nozzle of the nasal douche into one nostril until water starts to flow through the other nostril. It should be repeated with the other nostril.

Nasal shower - benefits of its use

The process of working with a nasal shower is painless and relaxing. It helps clear the nasal passages of accumulated secretions and impurities, preventing problems such as stuffy nose or sinusitis. It can also be used to treat and relieve allergic reactions by removing allergens from the nasal passages.

Nasal douching is a beneficial practice that can be used regularly or as needed. This is a simple, effective and safe means of cleaning and refreshing the nasal passages, which can be done comfortably at home.