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Ozonizers and purifiers

More and more people are realizing the importance of healthy air, water and food and are interested in various techniques and devices that can improve their quality at home or in the office. Ozonators for air, water and food are one of the most effective and modern solutions in this field.

Ozonators for air, water and food are triple-purpose devices

Fresh air

Air, water and food ozonators are innovative technological devices that help maintain clean, healthy and safe air in a home or workspace. These devices play an important role in combating air pollution and helping to maintain an optimal level of air quality. When the air is enriched with ozone, unpleasant odors are removed and the space is disinfected. Ozonators are especially useful in rooms that have been contaminated after a fire, flood or other type of disaster, or retain moisture and mold.

Pure water

Ozonators are machines that create ozone (O3) through an electrical discharge system. Ozone is a powerful oxidant and is used to purify not only air, but also water from various pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, molds and allergens. When water is enriched with ozone, it becomes purified, fresh and fresh. Up to 15-20 minutes after its preparation, this water has healing properties and is recommended for gargling, gargling, compresses on wounds, etc. On the recommendation of medical personnel, foot baths or other procedures can be performed.

Clean food

When fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, utensils, toothbrushes, baby accessories are placed in water, they are disinfected and purified, and the food improves its taste and freshness.

Precautions when working with Ozonator for air, water and food

It is important that the ozonator is used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and that precautions are followed. You should not be exposed to high levels of ozone, as direct inhalation of large amounts of ozone can be harmful to health. Air, water and food ozonators are usually used in closed or empty rooms and after disinfection in them, they must be well ventilated to dissipate the ozone and return the oxygen level in the air to normal values.