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Pearl in a clam

Pearl in a clam - souvenir set of love

The Pearl in the Shell sets are exquisite and unique gifts. A real seashell with a natural pearl inside is placed in beautiful packaging boxes in different designs, a beautiful necklace to put the pearl in after it is removed from the seashell, a knife to easily open the seashell, a booklet with a legend about the first pearl and its symbol of love.

Why give a pearl in a shell

Aesthetically appealing souvenirs

The Pearl in the Shell souvenir sets are made with extreme attention to detail and are beautiful and unique. They are suitable for gifts on special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or as souvenirs from tourism.

Decorative elements

You can use the Pearl in the Shell souvenir set as a decoration in your home. Place it on a shelf, table or chest of drawers to add style and uniqueness to the interior.

Gifts for tourism

Pearl in the Shell souvenirs are popular as tourist gifts. They can be offered as a souvenir of the visit to Bulgaria.

A gift symbolizing love

Undoubtedly, this is the most common application of this gift. True love is magical and inimitable. It plunges into the infinite depth of emotions. Finding true love is like finding a pearl. It requires patience, openness and devotion.

It is important to choose a set and design that you like and that suits your needs and style preferences.