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        • Hydrogen water kettle

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          • Replaceable durable filter
          • Low energy consumption, high efficiency
          • High level of enrichment with molecular hydrogen
          • Water ionizer - enriches water with negative hydrogen ions
          • The replaceable calcium sulphite filter absorbs residual chlorine in the water and makes drinking water healthier
          • The product uses a newly developed hydrogen generator with greater capacity for hydrogen production
          • Sensitive buttons and automatic self-cleaning
          • Option to choose the degree of enrichment with hydrogen
          • Vortex mode for maximum proximity to natural water
          • High power electrolysis, low power consumption
          • DC 12V power supply
          • Power 15W

          The hydrogen water kettle filters, bases and restructures drinking water. Works by filtering the water with a replaceable calcium sulphite filter to remove chlorine, fluorine and calcareous compounds. The next step is to enrich the water with molecular hydrogen, using the latest Japanese technology. The new modified water:

          • Has hydrogen atoms added, to remove harmful free radicals from the body.
          • Has -300 ORP (oxidative reduction potential). This index shows that this water has good potential to remove toxic acid compounds from the body.
          • Is a powerful antioxidant.
          • Hydrates the body better, giving it better tone and more energy.
          • Neutralizes the harmful effects of alcohol and junk food abuse.
          • Helps to overcome stress.
          • Prevents diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer's, stroke and cancer.
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