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        • Ion cleanse, Detox machine MK 901

          Ion cleanse, Detox machine

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          Item №: MK 901

          The set contains:

          1. Detox machine
          2. Detoxifying electrode
          3. Bracelet – to close the circuit
          4. Belt for infrared heat
          5. Cable


          1. Five cleansing programs
          2. Graph for tracking the progress
          3. Reading of the detoxification time
          4. Monitoring of the intensity of detoxification

          24 months warranty for individuals.

          Origin: China

          Clients and practitioners of the system report many positive effects from using it. These include:

          • improved joint movement;
          • relief from joint pain in arthritis and gout;
          • improving sleep;
          • improved general condition and health;
          • more strength and energy;
          • help and support of healing processes;
          • increased vitality and self-confidence, etc.

          Benefits from using the Detox machine:

          • Activates the operation of cells and tissues,
          • Strengthens the immune system,
          • Relieves pain and joint stiffness,
          • Regulates sleep,
          • Expels heavy metals,
          • Improves organ function,
          • Reduces disease recovery time,
          • Stimulates functioning of the gastrointestinal tract,
          • Reduces the levels of free radicals.

          The colours you will notice in the bathtub when working with the Detox machine: 

          The apparatus is a product of modern Western science applied in practice according to the understanding of the Eastern philosophical system about man and the human body. It is not a medical device and working with it does not preclude compliance with the prescriptions of official medicine.

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