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        • Ion cleanse, Detox machine MK 901

          Ion cleanse, Detox machine

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          Item №: MK 901

          The set contains:

          1. Detox machine
          2. Detoxifying electrode
          3. Bracelet – to close the circuit
          4. Belt for infrared heat
          5. Cable


          1. Five cleansing programs
          2. Graph for tracking the progress
          3. Reading of the detoxification time
          4. Monitoring of the intensity of detoxification

          24 months warranty for individuals.

          Origin: China

          Therapists from the Far East claim that toxic substances in our bodies “move” downwards, towards the feet. That is why an Asian proverb says that man starts ageing from the soles of the feet. Soles are important parts of the body, they are a small-scale image of all organs and there are acupuncture points located on them. That is why detoxification, cleansing of the body from pollutants and toxins is always done at the feet.

          Eastern healers also know that the accumulation of toxic substances in the body can lead to a number of diseases. They argue that the main cause of all diseases and health problems is the accumulation of acidic fluid inside the body. It tends to settle in all parts of the body so that organs, joints and tissues become prone to inflammation. If we do not eliminate it, it causes all sorts of diseases.

          The detoxifying machine combines ancient wisdom with modern technological solutions. Nowadays, millions of people around the world share its beneficial effects. The Detox device is especially popular, since it helps the body to eliminate tiredness and stress, improves metabolism and sleep quality. The detoxifier helps for local pain relief and eliminates toxic substances in the organism, increases the energy levels of the body.

          Benefits from using the Detox machine:

          • Activates the operation of cells and tissues,
          • Strengthens the immune system,
          • Relieves pain and joint stiffness,
          • Regulates sleep,
          • Expels heavy metals,
          • Improves organ function,
          • Reduces disease recovery time,
          • Stimulates functioning of the gastrointestinal tract,
          • Reduces the levels of free radicals.

          After a 30-minute ion detoxification procedure, the colour and composition of the water after the procedure give information about health problems. But it should be noted that these results cannot be used for diagnosis and laboratory tests cannot be ignored. Treatment should not be initiated without consulting a doctor.


          The colours you will notice in the bathtub when working with the Detox machine:


          • Yellow-green: detoxification from kidneys, bladder, urinary tract;
          • Orange: detoxification from joints;
          • Black: detoxification from liver, tobacco, cellular debris;
          • Dark green: gallbladder detoxification;
          • White foam: lymphatic system detoxification;
          • White particles: most likely when enzymes are not working properly;
          • Black spots: heavy metals;
          • Red spots: clotted blood.


          Although the detoxifying method is simple and easy to access, ion detoxification is not appropriate for everyone. There are still some restrictions on its use: people with pacemakers, grafted organs, mentally ill, epileptic patients.

          The Detox machine has a bamboo charcoal belt which emits long infrared waves and aids detoxification. Helps lymphatic system cleansing and has a stimulating effect on skin and tissues. The heat it emits enters about 1.5 cm into the skin.

          The use of a detoxifier does not exclude compliance with prescriptions of official medicine. We cannot make comments on this cleansing process, but we can share results which customers share with us. The purpose of the detoxification with the Detox machine is prevention and relief, not treatment.

          We test the devices before sending them to the customers.

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