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        • Ladies necklace Labyrinth

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          • Size of the necklace: 23 х 23 mm
          • Regulated chain: 42-47 cm
          • Coating: palladium 0.05 micron
          • Nickel free: doesn't cause allergic reactions
          • Gems: 8 pieces Swarovski
          • Packaging: box
          • Certificate: ISO9001
          • Origin: Hong Kong

          Ladies necklace with 0.05 micron thick palladium coating. Palladium is a highly valuable and highly sought after precious metal of the platinum group and has similar qualities to it. The necklace chain length can be adjusted from 42 to 47 cm. It is packaged in a box and has a quality certificate.

          Palladium is a silver-white precious metal belonging to the platinum group. It was discovered in 1803 by the British chemist William Wollaston and was named after the second largest asteroid in the Solar system called Pallas that was discovered the previous year. The word “palladium” comes from the Greek and Roman mythology, named after the statue of Pallas Athena on which the safety of Rome was believed to depend. By that point, the term palladium was used to refer to anything that provided safety and security. As a result, many believe that palladium is a good luck metal and provides safety for the wearer. Palladium is very similar in appearance to platinum; it is much lighter, and extremely rare. About 15 times rarer than platinum. In the past, palladium was seen as a by-product of platinum mining, but today is one of the most valuable metals on the market. Designers have been using palladium to make jewelry since 1939, but it's become increasingly popular over the past several years.

          Palladium is wear-resistant, resistant to scratches and deformation. It is hypoallergenic does not cause allergies, unlike the nickel present in many precious alloys, and that is why it is suitable for long-term wear. Many jewelers appreciated this metal. It has good ductility, is easy to polish, and maintains a pure silver color and luster throughout the entire product life cycle. Palladium, which is purer than platinum, is more radiant and lustrous than white gold, without the maintenance required for other white metals. Palladium has anti-corrosion and anti-oxidization properties, which make it an extremely durable noble metal. It is 40% lighter than platinum, so even large jewelry do not cause discomfort when worn. It is stronger than gold and harder than platinum, which is important when creating frames for large stones. Palladium jewelry does not fade and does not darken under the influence of the external environment and time, does not require the application of protective coatings, like silver ones. In appearance, it practically does not differ from platinum or “white gold” but its price is 2–3 times lower than that of gold and platinum.

          Due to its unique properties, by the middle of the 20th century, palladium became very popular in various industries. In electronics - for protective coatings of elements, in the chemical industry, in medicine – it is added to drugs designed to fight tumors and cancer, for creation of individual parts for pacemakers and medical instruments, as well as for dentures. In jewel crafting, Palladium is used to create white gold or protective coatings.

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