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        • Mosquito net 90 х 210 cm with patented design

          Mosquito net for door

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          Mosquito net with patented design

          • Blue colour.
          • Size 90 х 210 cm. 
          • 24 pcs magnets - opposite to each other, along the whole length and tightly closing the mesh.
          • The magnets are hidden in the tape and are not visible.
          • For wooden, metal, aluminium and PVC joinery.
          • Material: nylon.  
          • There is Velcro in the set for installation - 12 strips х 12 cm. 
          • The Velcro sticks tight and can withstand up to 2 kg / 10 cm.
          • Pins 12 pcs.
          • Origin: China.


          Advantages of mosquito net with magnets over other nets on the market?

          1. Blue colour, with 24 magnets.
          2. Installation is done with velcro tape - strong and double-taped.
          3. The tape can withstand up to 2 kg / 10 cm.
          4. The Velcro is black, 12 strips х 12 cm.
          5. Pins are included in the set.
          6. The mosquito door net closes tightly in the middle and the insects cannot penetrate the room.
          7. The magnets are hidden in the tape and are not visible, which is an aesthetic advantage.
          8. Installation is carried out on a mounting strip that traverses the net from all sides. If your net is with corrected size, please stick to the smooth side of this tape.
          9. Practical and convenient for passing.
          10. Suitable for wooden, metal, aluminium and PVC joinery.
          11. The door net is packed in a plastic bag, includes installation instruction.
          12. Possible deviation up to 1 cm on the sides and up to 2 cm in length.

          We check the nets for defects before sending them to our customers.

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