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        • Ozonator BC 001 for disinfection and purification of air, water and food


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          Ozonizer, technical characteristics:

          • Voltage 220 V,
          • Output ozone 400 mg/h, working time max. 30 min, 0.900 kg.
          • Suitable for ozonizing rooms up to 20 sq.m.
          • Purifies air, water, food and surfaces.
          • Antiviral and antibacterial effect.
          • Contains: Ozonator, 2 stones and 2 hoses.
          • Dimensions: 28 x 21 x 8.5 cm
          • Weight: 840 g
          • 12 months warranty for individuals.
          • Certificates: CE and RoHS.
          • Origin: China.

          CAUTION: In high concentrations, ozone is harmful to health. 400 mg/hour is a concentration suitable for home use.


          The destruction of all pathogenic microorganisms, the neutralization of chlorine and bacteria in the water, the purification of fruits and vegetables is easy with the innovative device - Ozonizer BC 001 - an excellent and effective solution for achieving maximum cleanliness and safety of food, air and water in your home.

          With Ozonizer BC 001 you get:

          • Protection against viruses and bacteria 3 in 1.
          • Fresh air.
          • Pure water.
          • Clean food.
          • Healthy skin.
          • Multifunctional.
          • Suitable for purifying air, water, food.
          • Efficiency, safety and reliability.

          Ozonizer BC 001 is designed for air and water purification, as well as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish placed in a container with water. Ozonizer BC 001 is a multifunctional device that can fight all types of bacteria and viruses, turning your home into a clean and safe place to live.

          The principle of operation is as follows: by means of a high-voltage spark, the natural process in nature is imitated to enrich the oxygen molecule with an additional oxygen atom until it is also converted into ozone.

          Ozonizer BC 001 can be actively used to clean the air in the premises. During operation, it saturates the air with ozone and eliminates viruses, bacteria, odors, harmful substances, such as phenols, formaldehydes, furniture varnishes, etc. Treatment of closed rooms is allowed: bathrooms, wardrobes, refrigerators, etc.

          To ozonate the water, you need to fill the necessary amount in a suitable container and turn on the BC 001 Ozonizer in operation mode. The time of the procedure is calculated taking into account that 10 minutes are enough to ozonize 10 liters of water, or this makes 1 minute per liter. The prepared water can be used to disinfect surfaces, wash the face, disinfect the oral cavity, water indoor plants, etc. The purity level reaches 99.9%. About 15-20 minutes after ozonization of the water, it loses its healing and disinfecting properties and is simply purified, drinkable water. Ozonation does not change the acidity of the water, keeping all the necessary substances in it

          Ozone destroys microorganisms 300-3000 times faster and more reliably than other disinfectants, at the same time it does not pollute secondary with chemicals and chemical disinfectants.

          Ozonation time

          1 min

          2 min

          5 min

          10 min

          20 min

          Viability of bacteria

          Bacillus coli

          38 %

          17 %

          0.3 %

          0 %

          0 %

          Typhoid bacilli 

          46 %

          22 %

          0 %

          0 %

          0 %


          32 %

          10 %

          0 %

          0 %

          0 %


          35 %

          11 %

          0 %

          0 %

          0 %

          Fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and any personal items that you wish to be cleaned and disinfected can be placed in the container of water that you are ozonating. Fruits and vegetables are purified from fertilizers, pesticides, dyes, chemicals, etc., antibiotics and hormones are removed, as well as chlorine and phosphates from meat.

          Ozonated water keeps skin healthy, unclogs pores and relieves acne. Washing with ozonated water revitalizes skin cells and promotes metabolic processes, activates cells and promotes blood circulation, makes the skin clean, smooth and tender

          When you brush your teeth, ozonated water helps eliminate bad odors, kills bacteria and prevents inflammation.


          • Air ozonation;
          • Water purification;
          • Food processing;
          • Removal of unpleasant odors;

          Attention! When working with Ozonizer, observe:

          Working with the Ozonizer is diverse, effective and environmentally friendly. Remember that the Ozonizersaturates the air in the rooms with ozone in a harmless concentration, but while it is working you should not stand in them. You need to wait about 15 minutes after the device has finished working. The Ozonizer is not a medical device. Follow the instructions for use. Follow the instructions.

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