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        • Partner Induction


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          Item №: 2037
          • Dimensions: 105x65x19 mm
          • Weight: 112g
          • Impulse frequency: 0 ... 20000 (+ -) 0.01Hz
          • Power supply: Built-in rechargeable battery (Nokia BL-4B), 3.7V, 700mAh
          • Menu languages: Russian, English, German, Polish, Bulgarian and Italian.
          • Operation with the instrument is also done with voice commands.
          • 12 months warranty for individuals.

          Bioresonance Therapy Device Partner Induction 

          479 antiparasitic and therapeutic programs have been added and are included in the mini SD card memory.

          Partner Induction can be programmed additionally via the “Life Commander” programmer, which has 3 775 programs, and it is also possible to create a customized individual work program. Personal programs can be recorded in the device's memory or in the device itself.

          Partner Induction influences the electromagnetic oscillations and vibrations that are specific to all organs and systems in the human body. The processes in the body normalize, harmonize and recover, or an effective antiparasitic treatment of people of all ages is carried out. This is a safe and effective method of treatment without any side effects.

          Bioresonance therapy has a universal application spectrum, with positive influence on: migraine, chronic and acute processes in the lymphatic system, cardiovascular problems, pancreatitis, organ cysts, diabetes in children and adults, cystitis, nephritis, scars, pre- and post-operative treatment, incl. in dentistry, in chronic degenerative diseases, rheumatism, immune system weakness, allergies, pain - incl. from malignant formations, edema, disturbed sleep, predisposition to infection in children and many others.

          There are 71 programs and treatment complexes built in the device, and additional 479 programs stored on a mini SD card. Compatible with “Life Commander” programmer, which allows you to complement individual therapies with over 3700 programs.

          The therapy with Partner Induction influences at the cellular level and at the level of organs or systems. The device allows to:

          • Conduct targeted treatments for a number of diseases and related syndromes.
          • Accelerate the removal from the body of exogenous products (parasites) and endotoxins, waste products from the metabolism of pathogens.
          • Neutralize pathogens from geo-pathogenic zones, electromagnetic smog, radiation or chemical influences, etc.

          The apparatus has an additional emitter - an external necklace-type inductor that provides much more advanced therapies. Its larger field of action increases the power of radiation and the effectiveness of therapy. The inductor is flexible and can be applied to any part of the body that needs a procedure.

          Partner Induction is suitable for use in various types of cabinets and centres and for out-of-cabinet individual work. The therapy with it is particularly effective when a healing effect cannot be achieved with traditional methods or treatment requires a lot of time and resources.

          Contraindications: Pregnancy in the first three months; Children up to 1 year (under medical supervision the use is acceptable); with a built-in pacemaker; transplanted organs; epilepsy and convulsions (at the time of attack); conditions of acute mental excitement or intoxication.

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