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        • Quantum Analyser 2014

          Quantum Analyser 2014

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          Item №: 2073


          Length 29.00 cm.

          Width 23.00 cm.

          Thickness 8.00 cm.

          Weight 1.550 kg.

          Warranty period: 12 months for individuals.

          The magnetic-resonance method of diagnosis is complex, non-invasive, practical, easy, quick and efficient. The bio-scanner has medicine, bio-informatics, electrical engineering and other contemporary sciences integrated in itself. 41 TESTS / over 245 results.

          The “Bio-analyzer” apparatus is a high-tech electronic device for checking the health status of human organism. Theoretically based on quantum medicine, the bio-scanner uses scientific achievements in electronics to determine and analyse the weak magnetic field of a human cell and based on that analysis, it gives the health status of the organism and problem areas in their earlier stage.

          Via a sensor conductor in a minute from your palm more than 245 indicators for your health will be received and earliest symptoms of cell change in organs and tissues will be detected.

          The results from the diagnosis are shown in Bulgarian, and the translation is adapted to the European medicinal terminology, and it is consistent with the characteristics of the parameters presented from physiological and clinical point of view, with added recommendations for clinical practice from a scientific physician team.

          The Bio-scanner creates 41 detailed reports (39 for a man/39 for a woman) with more than 245 different results from diagnostics, plus a summarized full and summarized short report for the health condition of the patient, which is the 41st file.

          Attention! The meridian bio-analyzer is not a medical apparatus in the sense and the requirements of the Law for medicinal products. The Bio-analyzer is intended for personal use. The results from the test have about 60-80% accuracy and they are not a diagnosis, but grounds for performing purposeful clinical examinations for placing a diagnosis.

          The data from the tests reflect the momentarily health condition of your organism.

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