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        • Quantum Analyser with a translator

          Quantum Analyser

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          Length 29.00 cm

          Width 23.00 cm

          Thickness 8.00 cm

          Weight 1.550 kg

          Warranty: 12 months for individuals

          The Bio-scanner is a high-tech device that records 171 health indicators in one minute and gives complete information about the state of the body. This research method is fast, accurate, convenient and economical. Within one minute, the device provides complete information about 26 organs and systems - cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, reproductive system, bone mineral density, trace elements, lungs, respiratory tract, blood sugar, stomach, intestines, liver, bile, and others. The bio scanner uses scientific advances in electronic technology. It takes into account the weak magnetic field of the human body, and after amplifying and processing the data from a built-in microprocessor, compares them to disease standards and reflects them in specific values.

          The human body continually produces a large number of cells that grow, develop and renew through division. About 25 million of them are being divided each second, and about 100 million blood cells are being renewed per minute. In the process of cell division and renewal, the atomic nucleus and electrons move at high speed, emitting continuous electromagnetic waves. The signals of electromagnetic waves are different for good health, before illness and when having a disease. If we can measure these specific electromagnetic signals, then we can also determine a person's health.

          According to Quantum Medicine, the basis of every disease is the change in the rotation of electrons around their own axis (spin) and the change of the orbital rotation of electrons around the atomic nucleus, which leads to the change of atoms (constituting matter), changes at micro and macro molecular level, alterations at the cellular and ultimately the tissue level. As electrons carry charges, when the spin of the electrons and their orbit around the atomic nucleus changes, so the electromagnetic waves emitted by the atoms also change. In a diseased state of the body, the energy of the electromagnetic waves is extremely weak, usually from nano-Gauss to micro-Gauss (Gauss is the unit of measurement for magnetic flux density). The frequency and energy of the weak magnetic field are recorded by the scanning handle. The results are then compared by a built-in microprocessor with the resonant spectrum of quantum disease standards. After the frequency and energy are amplified and processed by the software, a corresponding value (from positive to negative) is recorded. The magnitude of this value determines the nature and the degree of the disease. The results of measurements made with the Bio-scanner are then diagnosed by a doctor.

          The damaged cells are different from normal cells and the electromagnetic waves emitted by them are also different from the electromagnetic radiation of normal cells. The bio-scanner tests for differences, sending standard waves of specimen (sample) to damaged cells. If the patient has damaged cells, a resonance will occur and the device will record the signal. The greater the number of damaged cells, the more intense the signal and the quantum value tends to positive value. If no cells are damaged, no resonance will occur and the quantum value will tend to a negative value. Radio waves work in a similar way. There are many radio waves in space. If you want to listen to a certain program, then you have to tune the radio to a certain frequency, at which resonance occurs and you can listen to the respective radio program. The same principle is used by the Bio-scanner.

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