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        • SIRIUS-D INTENSE, restores and renews cells.

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          The most powerful, intensive and fast-acting formula of Sirius-D products. It supplies the body with a powerful dose of invaluable substances, all the necessary amino acids in a concentrated form, which are absorbed quickly and cleanly by the body. They contribute to a strong acceleration of his recovery powers. It contains vanilla and is also suitable for sensitive stomachs.

          Extremely suitable for more severe and chronic diseases or health conditions, for highly exhausted organisms, severe post-operative conditions, injuries.

          The start mode with the intensive formula of SIRIUS-D gives the body a powerful stimulus and supports its accelerated recovery. It is taken for 30-90 days, after which it can be switched to a maintenance regimen with Sirius-D Classic or Light products. No overdose. There are no known contraindications.

          The course of admission is individual. There is no overdose. There are no contraindications. Sirius-D can be taken by babies over 2 months, pregnant women, nursing mothers and by people of any age, weight and health status.

          Duration of intake and dietary regimen: Sirius-D acts cumulatively. It's food, not medicine. A minimum course of admission of three months is recommended. SIRIUS-D are completely natural products and their positive effect is achieved through a continuous supply of the amino acids needed by the body. Therefore, to achieve positive results, we recommend taking SIRIUS-D for at least three months and continuing in maintenance regimens. In case of more severe diseases or health conditions, the reception of SIRIUS-D can continue even longer, with positive changes being observed by the fifth - sixth month of reception. In such cases, the Intense modification, designed for exhausted organisms, will be more suitable.

          The products do not contain lactose and gluten. They do not contain GMOs. No negative effects of SIRIUS-D products on the human body have been established. They are easily combined with all types of medications. SIRIUS-D products are a food supplement, supplementary food. They complement your daily diet, but do not replace your normal, varied diet. There are no dietary restrictions associated with taking SIRIUS-D products.

          Important: In case of established allergic reactions to any of the ingredients of the SIRIUS-D products, you must consult a doctor before taking! If you have dietary restrictions prescribed by your doctor - you should follow them!

          How to take Sirius-D: SIRIUS-D supplements are available in powder form and can be taken with yogurt, natural juice, broth or other suitable liquid. It is desirable to divide the daily dose into two doses - in the morning and in the evening, before meals. The recommended daily dose is indicated on the label of each package, but you can additionally consult a medical professional, pharmacist or our representative for each specific case. It is extremely important to know that no interruptions should be allowed during reception. This reduces the concentration in the body and negatively affects the desired positive result of the intake.

          SIRIUS-D in all its modifications are nutritional supplements, additional food, suitable for taking in a large number of health problems, after surgical interventions, traumas, contusions, during extreme physical loads during competitions and in the recovery period, or during heavy physical work. Sirius-D is the most powerful tool for fighting the body's aging processes. An indispensable aid in recovery from a number of severe and chronic conditions. The Sirius-D product is suitable both for recovery from severe health conditions and for clinically healthy people who want to improve their overall health with prophylactic intake. Sirus-D supplements are universal – they are suitable for every person, regardless of age. They can be taken by pregnant and lactating women.

          How it works: Connective tissue, which is over 50% in the human body, degenerates over the years. "Sirius - D" not only supports the connective tissue, but also restores it, removing the fibrous-granulous /cicatrix/ tissue formed by trauma, operations, cuts, bacterial and autoimmune processes, radiation damage, etc. The body recognizes scar tissue as normal, but it is dysfunctional and causes the condition to worsen. The product improves microvascularization, increases the concentration of fibroblasts, improves the elasticity of connective tissue. It cleans all blood vessels of slag and plaques, unclogs them if necessary, restores and maintains their elasticity. Restores the degenerative changes of cartilage and bone tissue.

          Composition of Sirius-D: Main ingredient of Sirius-D products are natural water-soluble animal proteins. Depending on the product modifications, they are combined with cinnamon, turmeric and/or vanilla.

          Sirius-D products contain low-molecular (oligomeric) polypeptide chains containing all the necessary amino acids needed for the synthesis and rapid acquisition of proteins in the human body.

          The proteins contained in Sirius-D products are very quickly absorbed by the body, which contributes to the acceleration of recovery processes in the human body. They are especially valuable in case of severe exhaustion of the body as a result of severe diseases, surgical interventions, contusions and injuries.

          Free of GMOs, preservatives, hormones and any additives with an adverse effect. Derived from water-soluble animal-based proteins, turmeric, cinnamon and/or vanilla.

          What is the difference between SIRIUS-D products and other dietary supplements recommended as protein sources?

          There are various products that are available as sources of protein. They all contain either monomeric amino acids or insoluble proteins. The former can cause an imbalance in digestion. The latter are more difficult and slower to be digested by the body, which no longer distinguishes them in any way from ordinary food sources of proteins. In most cases where a food supplement is sought, an additional food containing proteins, the requirement for it is, it:

          to contain all types of amino acids
          proteins to be quickly absorbed by the body.
          SIRIUS-D products meet both requirements!

          SIRIUS-D nutritional supplements help with the following conditions:

          1. Locomotor apparatus. Sports and other injuries. Coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis, spondylarthrosis. Eliminates joint immobilization, disc herniation, discopathy, muscle atrophy, paralysis, torn meniscus and Achilles.

          2. Heart and circulatory system. Recovery after heart attack and stroke. Coronary and ischemic heart disease. Hypertension.

          Varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Heart valve disease

          Arrhythmia. Heart muscle decompensation. Heart failure.

          Anephrism and aortic stenosis. Unclogs and regenerates fine blood vessels

          3. Eye diseases. Diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, retinal degeneration, corneal and macular degeneration. Glaucoma. A curtain. Darkening of the cornea. Clouding of the eye fluid / appearance of dots and stars in front of the eye.

          4. Kidneys. Kidney stones. Kidney failure.

          5. Polio. Infantile cerebral palsy

          6. Gastrointestinal. Gastritis. Colitis. Gastroesophageal reflux. Changes in the lining of the stomach, small and large intestine.

          7. COPD /chronic obstructive pulmonary syndrome/.

          8. Radiation sickness. Recovery after radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Protection from the fine radiation of mobile phones, computers, wireless networks.

          9. The prostate. Adenoma. Urinary tract narrowing.

          10. Diabetes. Decubitus wounds, etc.

          11. The consequences of gout. Noise in the ears. Gallstones.

          12. Liver. Cirrhosis. Hepatic steatosis.

          13. Autoimmune. Lupus. Multiple sclerosis. Sjogren's syndrome.

          Hashimoto's syndrome. Rheumatoid polyarthritis.

          14. Systemic scleroderma. Raynaud's syndrome. Connective tissue deficiency. Non-healing wounds.

          15. Problem pregnancy: Restoration and strengthening of the connective tissue after abortion and operations. Resorption of cysts, fibroids.

          Other effects:

          Other effects:

          1.Cosmetic: Cellulite, Scars and skin problems.

          2. Prevention: Delaying aging. Strengthening the immune system. Improving joint mobility and skin density.

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