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          • Detox patches

            Detox patches.

            Every day we are under the influence of countless toxins. They are everywhere: in food, air, water, clothes, packaging, cosmetics, medicines, and so on. Over time, toxins slowly accumulate in our body and sometimes affect the functioning of vital organs. Signs of their presence in our bodies are fatigue, headache, chronic pain, weak immune system, depression, skin disorders, aging, etc. Therefore, periodic detoxification is mandatory. The most accessible and most popular way to clean the body is with Detoxifying patches.


            Why the series of detox patches Foot patch?

            • Detox patches Foot patch contain selected source elements to meet customer expectations. They are proven safe, effective, non-invasive and offer a convenient and economical method of cleansing.
            • The patch is covered with medical glue. Allows the feet to breathe, does not cause allergies.
            • They have a specified expiry date.


            What is the composition of the detoxification patches? 

            The composition of the detoxification patches is natural and includes bamboo acid, chitosan, tourmaline, mineral, plant powder, and others. Depending on the type of detoxifying patch, green toning tea, weight-adjusting mixture or other compound may be added.

            Detailed composition:

            • White patches:  bamboo vinegar, bamboo extracts, tourmaline, orange oil containing vitamin C, plant and mineral powder.
            • Golden patches: 35% bamboo vinegar, 35% wood vinegar, 2% chitosan, 3% tourmaline, 2% Vitamin C, 3% Detox herbal extract with slimming effect, Japanese cherry leaves and 20% mineral powder.
            • Silver patches: bamboo vinegar, tourmaline, chitosan, orange oil containing vitamin C, Japanese cherry leaves, plant and mineral powder, and other.
            • Green patches: green tea, eucalyptus, bamboo vinegar, tourmaline, Vitamin C, plant and mineral powder, and other.
            • Kioto patches: bamboo acid, chitosan, tourmaline, mineral and plant powder.
            • Kinoki patches: bamboo acid, tourmaline, mineral and plant powder.

            How to use Detox patches.

            Cleansing with Detox patches is performed for 15 days in a row. It is believed that this is one course of detoxification. To do this, you will use three packages. The detoxifying mixture package is attached onto the patch, with the letters towards it. Then it is attached to the foot. The so-placed detox patches stay all night. In the morning they are removed, the feet are cleaned if necessary. On the detoxifying patch you will notice a sticky texture, sometimes with a nasty smell. These are the toxins extracted from the body.

            How do Detox patches work?

            The natural ingredients, which the Detox patches contain, stimulate acupuncture points with the simultaneous effects of bamboo vinegar, infrared rays, and negative ions. This combination leads to the destruction of toxic molecules that block the movement of the lymphatic system.

            What are the positive effects that are observed as a result of cleansing with detox patches?

            Customers report different effects they have observed. 

            • Extinction of leg fatigue and swelling during warmer months,
            • Reduction of overweight,
            • Stronger and more radiant skin, 
            • Swelling under the eyes disappears,
            • More relaxed and healthier sleep,
            • Reduces dental plaque, etc.   

            Are there any adverse reactions

            There is no evidence of side effects other than possible individual intolerance to any of the detoxification patch components.


            Trust on detoxification patches made of quality materials - from balanced selected ingredients and harmless glue and paper. Always check the expiration date and, if in doubt, ask for a quality certificate.

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