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Detox patches



  • Kit from envelope with detoxifier mix and patch
  • The envelope includes components from natural ingredients
  • CE certificate
  • The patch is made from 100% wood table and is covered with medical glue
  • The patch is natural degradable , ecological and not harm on Yours health and of nature
  • Allows the legs Yes they breathe , no allergic


  • Cardboard box with 10 sachets and 10 patches for detoxification
  • One box is enough for 5 days
  • The announced price is for one box
  • Made in China


Recommended period for clearance 15 days . Necessary there are 3 boxes .

Weight 0.20 kg





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Detoxification , or the cleaning on the body from toxins and harmful substances , becomes extremely popular in recent years . The growing one interest to the healthy one way on life , healing on immune system and improvement on the general well-being , guides the attention to different methods for detoxification, such as one from the most used is through detoxifying patches .

The patches for detoxification ( known more like homemade patches for detoxification) contain special mixes from natural ingredients that _ everything they stick to the skin on the foot by time on sleep . The principle on action on these patches is yes assist the output on poisonous substances from the body through sweating . The step everything warms up , the active ones ingredients in the sachet everything activate and start Yes perform his own destination . The body there is the possibility only Yes be " cleared " of excessive quantities harmful substances which _ accumulates everyday .

The application on the patches for detoxification _ implements by comfortable and non-aggressive way . After the attachment on patch to the skin , he begins Yes absorb poisons which _ would they could Yes harm on organism . The mixes , in the packet to the set  are  natural - bamboo extracts , eucalyptus , tea , tourmaline and others vegetable ingredients . He thinks know that _ these natural components they have the ability Yes absorb toxins and yes remove from organism accumulated drop out substances .

The advantages on the patches for detoxification include : easy use , better sleep , increased energy and mood , reduced inflammation , better work on the organs , reduction on body aches and improved _ circulation .

The patches they are for detoxification popular among the people who looking for alternative methods for improvement on the general you are health and detoxification of the body . The opinions on a lot people are positive , as them they report for different improvements in health condition and elevated working capacity after the application on patches for detoxification.


100% natural product . Bamboo vinegar 20%, bamboo charcoal 20%, vitamin C 2%, chitin 3 %, extract from grapes seeds 15%, extract from root on Platycodon Grandiflorum 5% ( uses in Chinese _ traditional medicine ), tourmaline 3%, protein on powder 2%.

A way on action

Bamboo acid which _ there is the property Yes penetrates and " transports " toxins _ outside body , is basic element from composition on the stickers . The process on retrieval on the toxins through the skin is similar on osmosis at the roots on the plants . The patch is made from 100% wood table and is covered with medical glue . The patch is natural degradable , ecological and not harm on Yours health and of nature . Allows the legs Yes they breathe , no allergic .


Wash off steps , print the transparent one package on the sticker , take it out detoxifying bag and it attach to the ventilating one everything patch with the white one country to legs . Paste it it in the middle on the sole . They put everything evening , before sleep , they light up everything in the morning . At necessity , in the morning the steps everything wash .


Removed everything poisons , chemicals , synthetics accumulated in the skin , eliminated everything constipation , improves everything sleep , memory , more balanced PH, soothes everything the pain , inclusive at migraine and arthritis .


There is no data for intolerance , except individual to any from the ingredients on the relevant model patches for detoxification. If notice redness or another reaction on the skin , stop the use . No everything recommends placing on injured skin .

The use on Patches for detox no turns off compliance the prescriptions on the official one medicine . The patches for detox no are medical product.