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        • Magnetic hematite bracelet

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          Item №: 2062

          Give the stone the tranquillity, the balance and the comfort!

          Diameter: 6 cm

          Width: 0.9 cm

          The elements are connected with a black elastic band and the bracelet is stretched to be placed on the arm

          Origin: China.

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          The hematite necklace and bracelet are beautiful ornaments for every woman. But they also have medicinal and magical properties.

          Hematite is a natural mineral that has gained popularity as a stone which affects blood circulation and blood pressure. Today it is an important ingredient in some haemoglobin-increasing medicines. And in the years when pharmacy was not so well developed, hematite powder was used as a styptic.

          Magneto therapy nowadays is a popular and easy method of restoring health. Due to a non-high magnetic field, the oxygen flow in the cells increases, blood circulation improves, which enhance the immune and resistance forces of the body.

          Hematite and its mysterious nature have been known to mankind for a long time. During the Iron Age it was valued almost as much as gold. The ancient Egyptians have made amulets of it, the Indians rubbed its dust into their body before battle, and as a symbol of blood and iron, Hitler adopted it as the emblem of his party.

          Some believe that hematite is a "magic wizard's stone." They think it protects against spells, negative thoughts and energy, and it is believed to give invulnerability and protection from mental attack. It soothes the mind, relaxes consciousness, and is and indispensable part of meditation. This is the stone that repels bad thoughts and negative energy directed at its owner and creates a halo of protection.

          Hematite is also known for its healing properties. Since ancient times, it has been used as a means of purifying blood and improving blood circulation, and hematite powder has been used to stop bleeding. Hematite also finds application nowadays in haemoglobin-enhancing preparations.

          It is believed that hematite helps in sexual and nervous disorders and stress, heals anger and favours tranquillity, and also treats liver, kidney and pancreas diseases.

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