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Big pearl in a big clam with necklace in a yellow box


The set contains:

  • A clam with a real pearl, sealed in a box.
  • A necklace to put the pearl in.
  • A booklet with a legend about the formation of the first pearl.
  • A blade to open the clam.
  • Spectacular packaging box in several colours.
  • Size of the box: 3.5 x 18 x 10 cm.
  • On the box you will find a legend about the symbols of each colour and you can find out what your luck is.
Weight 0.30 kg





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Pearls are natural precious stones, saturated with the power of mystery. Open your clam and the magic will be released 🙂 .

What is the feeling of opening a clam with a real pearl, which has stayed in silence and serenity inside herself, and touching her for the first time?! Create a unique emotion and experience it together by opening the clam and discovering the hidden pearl in it! See the gratitude and surprise in the eyes of your beloved woman when she opens this unusual gift!

The mystery of the gift lies in the fact that no one knows what colour the pearl in the clam will be... And each colour has a different meaning: love, health, happiness, wisdom or wealth. The main thing in this unusual gift is the excitement and the mystery that lurks when you open the clam and find the colour of your own pearl according to your luck and message just for you.

Pearls are natural precious stones, saturated with the power of mystery. Open your clam and the magic will be released. The colour of the pearl in the clam will show you what to expect from life during next year.

  • White pearl: health,
  • Beige: happiness,
  • Peach: love,
  • Lavender: wisdom, 
  • Golden: wealth.

There is an incredible legend: When the first drop of rain fell on the surface of the sea, a shell appeared from its depths. She opened her palm and dropped the raindrop down to the bottom. In the darkness of the sea, under the rustle of sand and the splashing of the waves, the raindrop turns into something incomparable: a pearl...

But the story goes on: A lovely woman, as if coming out of the depths of the sea, will get the greatest pearl shell and it will reveal its beauty to the only one worthy to possess it, the beloved woman... One can only imagine what she feels, when she gets it!

You can choose the colour of the packing box or trust our taste!

Origin: China.