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Antique Tibetan singing bowl Series C 13 cm


Ancient Tibetan singing bowl.
Diameter: 13 cm
Height: 2.4 "/ 6 cm

With a set of ring-shaped Tibetan fabric pillow and a handmade rosewood hammer.

Hammer size:
Diameter: 2.5 cm
Length: 12.5 cm
Pillow size: 10 cm (diameter)
Color: random

Origin: Nepal

Weight 0.63 kg





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Handmade Tibetan singing bowls are carefully selected by sound testing to ensure their healing properties. These exceptional healing masterpieces are carefully crafted for long lasting and powerful sounds. Traditionally, bowls are made of seven sacred metals, corresponding to the seven planets.

Some high-ranking lamas have used Ttibet cups for ritual offerings to their gods and deities, and some believe that they have used these cups to travel to another level of consciousness. But it was forbidden to talk about it, even in the monasteries themselves.

Singing Tibetan bowls are made of 7 sacred metals: gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin and lead, and are represented as 7 different planetary influences.

Playing a singing bowl:

First, place the bowl on the palm of your hand. Do not touch it from the side or hold it with your fingers.
Hit the bowl with the hammer, it starts making a sound. Now slowly rub the hammer around the bowl at a steady speed. Carefully increase the speed when the bowl begins to vibrate. You can increase or decrease the tone according to your needs.
You can produce sound and vibration just by hitting the bowl.
How the singing bowl works:

If there is any tension in the body, the sound produced by the bowl and listening to it can relax the person. Singing bowls produce sounds that cause a deep state of relaxation, which naturally helps our brain and body enter a meditative state. The vibration is the same as the brain wave and helps to enter the deep concentration. Buy are a basic means of meditation.

Features of a singing bowl:

The singing bowl creates a pulsation of sound that affects our brain.
The singing bowl naturally causes the chakras to self-regulate. Sound and vibration perform corrective frequencies to the unbalanced chakras, returning them to their normal functioning.
It reduces stress, anxiety, anger, blood pressure, improves circulation and increases blood flow.
It leads us to deep relaxation, increases mental and emotional clarity, promotes peace, happiness and well-being.
Stimulates the immune system in people who meditate.
Cleaning and care for a singing bowl

To maintain the sound shine in the bowl, you need to clean it periodically. Use white vinegar and a soft cloth to remove dust and marks. Do not rub or peel a hard surface, this will damage the bowl. Also, be careful not to drop the bowl on a hard surface.