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Pearl in a clam with necklace, ring and earrings


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  • A real pearl in a shell, sealed in a box.
  • A necklace in which the pearl is placed.
  • Pearl ring and earrings,
  • A booklet with a legend about the formation of the first pearl.
  • Knife for opening clams.
  • Spectacular packaging box in several colors.
  • Box size: 3.5 x 18 x 10 cm.
  • On the box you will find a legend which color symbolizes what and you will find out what your luck is.
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Pearls are natural gems imbued with the power of mystery. Open your seashell and the magic will be released.

How does it feel to open a seashell with a real pearl that has been in silence and solitude for years and be the first to touch it? Create a unique emotion and experience it together by opening the seashell and discovering the pearl hidden in it! See the gratitude and surprise in the eyes of the beloved woman when opening this unusual gift!

The mystery of the gift is that no one knows what color the pearl in the shell will be... And each color has a different meaning: love, health, happiness, wisdom or wealth. The key to this unusual gift is the excitement and mystery of opening the seashell and finding your very own pearl with your lucky color and a message just for you.

Pearls are natural gems imbued with the power of mystery. Open your seashell and the magic will be released. The color of the pearl in the seashell will show what to expect from life next year.

  • White pearl: health,
  • Beige: happiness,
  • Peach: love,
  • Lavender: wisdom,
  • Golden: wealth

There is an incredible legend: When the first drop of rain fell on the surface of the sea, a shell rose from its depths. She opened her palm and the raindrop sank to the bottom. In the darkness of the sea, under the rustle of sand and the splash of waves, the raindrop turned into nothing comparable: a pearl...

But the tale continues: A beautiful woman, as if from the depths of the sea, will receive the most pearly seashell, and she will reveal her beauty to the only one worthy of possessing it, the beloved woman ... One can only imagine what she feels, when you get it!

You can choose the color of the packaging box or trust our taste!

Origin China.