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Antibacterial toothbrush with nano silver in four colors


Antibacterial toothbrush with nano silver

  • Antibacterial toothbrush
  • With nano silver
  • With two lengths of hair
  • Certificates ISO 9001: 2008  and   ISO 14001: 2004

Origin: South Korea

Weight 0.10 kg

Blue, Green, Orange, Purple





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Antibacterial brush for teeth with nano silver in four the color

7 rules for qualitatively washed teeth

  • Choose antibacterial brush for teeth with nano silver
  • Change the pasta for teeth periodically
  • Brush only circular and with light pressure
  • Wash good from all countries
  • Wash enough long , for Yes remove the poster good
  • Wash morning and evening after eating on sweets
  • Replace the brush for teeth through around three the month


The antibacterial ones qualities on the silver are well-known and widespread commented on . Silver nanoparticles added _ _ to the fiber on the brushes for teeth , restrict development on bacteria and remove bad breath .


With two lengths on hairy and thin fibers for easy cleaning on hard accessible places .

GUM BENEFITS from the brushes for teeth with nano silver

At regular use on antibacterial brush for teeth with nano silver , se decreases formation on dental adhesive , toothed stone , irritation and destruction on the gums . Po this one reason them everything they also use for protection from periodontosis .


The brush for teeth with nano silver is designed with comfortable handle and provides stable and easy grip . Flexible and soft bristle everything adapts to the form on yours teeth and gums , providing gentle and effective cleaning , without Yes them hurts or annoys .


The use on brush for teeth with nano silver is easy and convenient . Just apply a little quantity from the pasta on brush and wash the teeth you are like usually . The difference is that _ thank you on the nanoparticles from gold , the brush for teeth works more effective and reaches the more difficult to reach places in the mouth cavity .

doN'T compromise with health on yours teeth

Choose brushes for teeth with nano silver and se enjoy on cleaner , stronger and healthier a smile . Order his own nano gold brush today and everything join to thousands satisfied customers who _ already everything they trust on ours products .

Save health on yours smile with brushes for teeth with nano silver - yours lip hygiene deserves the best ! Make a bet on the innovative one technology on the brush for teeth with nanoparticles of silver , gold or xylitol and si provide healthy teeth and smile because _ yours orally health is important .

The brushes for teeth with nano silver no are medical product . For treatment everything consult your doctor a doctor.