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        • Toothbrush with nano gold, 3+1

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          Antibacterial toothbrush with nano gold

          • Antibacterial toothbrush 4 pieces
          • With nano gold
          • With two lengths of hair
          • Certificates ISO 9001: 2008  and   ISO 14001: 2004
          • Origin: South Korea
          13.29 euro
          12.63 euro
          You save: 1.3 BGN (-5%)

          7 rules for quality teeth washing:

          1. Select an antibacterial toothbrush with nano gold.
          2. Replace the toothpaste periodically.
          3. Brush only circularly and with slight pressure.
          4. Clean thoroughly from all sides.
          5. Wash long enough to remove the plaque well.
          6. Wash in the morning and in the evening after eating pastry.
          7. Replace the toothbrush periodically in about three months.

          The antibacterial properties of gold are well known and widely commented. Gold nanoparticles added to the toothbrush fibres restrict the development of bacteria and remove bad breath.

          Regular use of an antibacterial toothbrush with nano gold reduces the formation of dental plaque, tartar, the irritation and destruction of the gums. For this reason, they are also used for prophylaxis of periodontal disease.

          Nano gold toothbrushes are not a medical device. Consult your doctor for treatment.

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