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            Zappers today.

            Nowadays, medicine offers a large variety of therapeutic methods, creates increasingly powerful antibiotics, increasingly sophisticated observation, research and treatment machines. Yet, the world is experiencing increasingly frequent side effects, with increasing chronic problems, drug resistance. And people are looking for alternative methods of treatment - detoxification, nutrition diets, herbal treatment, supplements, and so on.

            In recent years, the interest in Bio-resonance Therapy and the Zapper in particular, as an effective and safe therapy, is increasing.

            What is the principle of operation of the Zapper?

            For the first time, during the 20s of the last century, American scientist Dr. Rife began to study the frequency of oscillation of various disease causing agents - viruses, bacteria, parasites. He noticed that if he influenced them with the frequency of their oscillation, they died. He deepened his research and applied the first successful treatment with electrical frequencies for diseases incurable even today.

            Is working with the Zapper effective?

            Just like every other type of of action to improve health, the results are individual. Our experience shows that different duration of use are needed to achieve results, depending on the severity of the disease, stage of development, persistence, etc. Our clients shared good results for diabetic wounds, stubborn bronchitis, where drugs do not work, injuries, flu, toothache, etc.

            Dr. Hulda Clarke works at the end of the 20th century. She offers her theory for removal of parasites and other pathogens from humans. According to this theory, set out in the books "Treatment of all diseases" and "Treatment of all types of cancer", it is sufficient to act with just one frequency to kill all parasites. She has assumed this frequency to be 30 kHz. She has worked out the scheme of a device that emits this frequency and called it a Zapper.

            The Hulda Clark sessions are three, united in a single procedure. Handles are held 3 times for 7 minutes and between them there are 20-minute rests. This procedure is performed twice a day.

            According to Hulda Clark, the Zapper is a reliable device for treating many diseases caused by parasites in the body.

            Today, research in this area continues.

            Nowadays, scientists and electronics teams refine frequency emitting devices, enrich existing programs and get results in bio-resonance therapy.

            We cannot give advices or evaluate the work of Dr. Rife, Hulda Clark or other scientists, and their methods of work. We can only share impressions and experience.

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