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        • Ozonizers, Zappers, Detoxifiers, Detox patches

          You are in an online store for health products designed for prevention and health care. We offer certified equipment for body detoxification - Detoxifiers, Equipment for purification of water, air, fruits and vegetables - Ozonizers, Bioresonance therapy devices - Zapper with 1500 programs and Zapper by Hulda Clark, healthy water technique - Hydrogen water jug, Bottle for hydrogen water, Glass bottle with mineral, as well as original souvenirs and gifts - Pearl in a clam, Tibetan singing bowl.

          Here you can find different models of Detoxifiers - Detoxifier B01, Detoxifier MK 901, as well as consumables for them - Detoxifier electrode, Detoxifier bracelet, Detoxification bathtub, Massage slippers, Detoxifier bracelet, Detoxifier belt. A detoxifier is a machine that helps the body get rid of toxins due to the lifestyle of modern society and taken with food, water and air.

          We offer Ozonizers, different models - Ozona Ozonizer, BC 001 Ozonizer, also combined Ozonizer and air ionizer. The ozonator is a device that has a wide application - combined action and disinfection of air, water and food. But it can also be used for medicinal purposes, as it is used for gargling or gurgling, if it is sprayed on the affected skin or dripped into the eyes. All this under the supervision of a doctor and in the exact concentrations recommended in the instructions.

          On the website www.infozdrave.com you will also find three types of certified antibacterial toothbrushes - Toothbrush with nano silver, Toothbrush with nano gold and Toothbrush with xylitol. Toothbrushes are made in South Korea, which is a leader in the production of nanoparticle products. They are soft and gently clean and disinfect gums and teeth. The bristles have two lengths of fibers and reach hard to reach places.

          Especially sought after product on the site are high quality detox patches from the Foot patch series. They are patches only for detoxification or a combined option - for detoxification and an additional effect on the immune system, sleep health in general, depending on the additional ingredient for each species. The various additional ingredients are an advantage over all other types of detox patches on the market - Detox patches with lavender, Detox patches with ginseng, Detox patches with green tea, Gold detox patches, which are dual-purpose for detoxification and weight loss.

          Highly valued, popular and sought after item are the nine Zapper models for impact with electricity. The locks work on the basis of the theory of bioresonance therapy, which was discovered in the early 20th century by the American physician Royal Rife. He gets very good results in his practice, which are confirmed today by good, even excellent customer results. The locks are different models and differ mainly in the way they work - on their own, with the help of built-in memory or with the help of an external program installed on a computer.

          The romantic souvenir Real pearl in shell is an interesting gift, suitable for holidays and celebrations of important moments in life. They have a real aura of mystery and admiration, make the holidays memorable and exciting events for a lifetime. They include a real shell, with a real pearl in it, a necklace in which everyone puts the pearl taken out by themselves and worn as an ornament. The most exciting part is the color of the pearl, which is a surprise and can be seen after opening the shell. Color is a message of health, love, luck or wealth.

          A real masterpiece on the site are the Tibetan singing bowls, handmade with or without ornaments, complete with hammer and pillow. The Tibetan Singing Bowl is a suitable gift for people who practice spiritual teachings, do meditations, massages, rest under the sound of their vibration. Recommended as a decoration and accent in the room for relaxation, sleep or meditation exercises.

          Last but not least, Aroma diffusers are of interest, which create a pleasant atmosphere, but also through the aromas they disperse, they can also be used for therapy. Aroma diffusers are compact and easily portable indoors and outdoors.

          Have a nice time on the site for health and mental harmony - www.infozdrave.com.

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