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Detox machine B 01, Cleanses the body from toxins



  1. Detoxifier
  2. Electrode for detoxification
  3. Bracelet - for closure on the circuit
  4. Belt for infrared heat
  5. Massage electrodes
  6. Cable


  1. Fri programs for clearing
  2. Graphics for tracking on the process
  3. Reporting on the weather for detoxification
  4. Reporting the values for the intensity on detoxification
  5. Electric massage _ pulses , by means of two massage the electrode
  6. An opportunity for massage with massage therapists slippers
  7. Assignment mode on warm up and massage

24 months warranty for physically persons .

Origin : China

For consultations and orders , tel . 0899 973 924.

Weight 3.60 kg






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The good health starts with detoxification.

Release toxins and return vitality on yours body with Detoxifier B01


The modern one civilization today gives opportunity for achieve on high materially welfare , but in the same time the tall ones levels on stress cause suffering from everything more diseases . Over 7.2 million souls are dying each year from cordial diseases . Any year 8.6 million souls are dying from cancer . 5.5 million souls are dying from cordial blow . 394 million souls suffer from diabetes . It has been established that  this number will everything increase to 500 million and the age on the sick will fall down more . 325 million souls suffer from arthritis . More of 160,000 people live in hospitals because of diseases and 100,000 people are dying from this . 39 million souls suffer from dementia . Obesity everything rises with astonishing levels .

Introduce you are now the feeling on freshness and recovery after long and tense day . No wait more , for Yes everything release from toxins and yes return vitality you are Invest in yours health and well-being ! No only will everything feel better , but it will you look better . Get started the new one you are care for health today! Now available revolutionary device , Detoxifier , for  family care for health . Detoxifier B01 steps on the scientific concept on the water ones channels in cellular membranes , which discovery wins Nobel award by chemistry for 2003



Detoxification with Detoxifier B01 is a process for removal on toxins and waste products from the body with a purpose improvement on health and general welfare . Detoxifier B01 extracts pollution through process on ionization . Ionic detoxification is complete painless and effective procedure which _ uses the negative ones ions and their properties .

In all cellular biochemical processes wide participate electrons and ions . In the process on metabolism , everyone organs produce biological current , for example cordial current , cerebral current , muscular current . Everyone organ you are there is own tension . The heart voltage is 90mV, brain - 60mV. As like the body we are a conductor , bioelectricity is like river which _ flows from the brain to all parts on the body . In it has 12 channels . And the system from channels is a system for circulation on energy , different from the rest systems . This is the first one system for circulation on electricity .



When person everything got sick , his biotok everything upsetting and for the different ones diseases there is different deviations . The sick cells vibrate at a frequency which no matches on this one on the healthy ones cells , and violate the natural flickering on the cell , as well as its polarity .

The cells that are unbalanced , make it difficult the functions on body and treatment his , like detain heavy metals , waste , parasites and others toxins . When the cells are entirely loaded electric , they contain more oxygen and are able _ Yes keep electrical balance , which leads to feeling for health , vital energy and vitality . This helps on the body Yes everything does it with the diseases only . The procedures which everything do with the multifunctional ionic - detoxifying apparatus , Detoxifier , raise significantly the oxygen ones levels in the body .



  • Clearing on toxins . Ours system for detoxification is capable Yes remove the toxins from yours body , leaving you with better healthy condition and more energy .
  • Improvement on immune system :. The system us too so helps Yes strengthen yours immune system , as you protects from diseases and infections .
  • Improvement on metabolism . The detoxifier  helps Yes improve metabolism si , which is key for weight loss and maintenance on the healthy weight .
  • Better sleep and mood . With ours detoxifier will everything you wake up with better mood and will you have better quality sleep .



Detoxifier B01 is available the main one function Yes extracts toxins and pollution from the body . Allows the choice between 5 programs for detoxification. Except her , he owns additional functions for warming up with bamboo belt and pulsed massage with two massage the electrode .



Infrared heat assists the degradation on fats from the superficial structures on the body . It helps and relieves states at arthritis , muscular pains and spasms , musculoskeletal and joint sufferings . Infrared heat there is stimulating effect on skin and tissues . Stimulates sweating and so on helps on the body at the natural his clearing . No everything applies if _ there is contraindications , recommended everything consultation with a doctor .


The function massage , together with the belt warm -up from bamboo charcoal and detoxification are maximum good combination at Detoxifier B01. The massage everything carried out with two massage electrodes . They put everything by different parts on the body , as carry out electro impulsive massage and stimulate by natural way the healing ones processes in it . For massage on the feet and acupuncture points , located there , se recommend slippers . The job on the massage ones electrodes and massage slippers everything manages from The detoxifier . They line up everything a few the species massage with different pace . In the set on The detoxifier they enter Massage electrodes . To the device they can Yes everything also include massage slippers which _ carry out massage on all organs at the same time , by means of acupuncture them points on the steps . The slippers everything complete additionally .


The color on the water at detoxification , from one side , is a result from the interaction on the electrode with salty solution . From another , shows the sequence on turn on on the authorities in clearing . There is common , same row , on turn on by time on the process , but are deviations are also possible . The coloring everything changes over time on detoxification and more him can Yes everything determine who from the organs everything detoxing right now , who everything detoxifies in a larger or less degree . In this one sense is possible some colorings Yes missing , others Yes prevail . These features they can Yes everything notice when _ everything they do procedures on a lot people , in the Spa centers or Centers for health .



  • Yellow-green : detoxification from kidneys , urinary bladder , urinary roads ;
  • Orange : detoxification from the joints ;
  • Black : detoxification from black liver , tobacco , cellular leftovers ;
  • Dark green : detoxification from bile bladder ;
  • White foam : detoxification from the lymphatic system ;
  • White particles : most likely at incorrect work on enzymes ;
  • black spots : heavy metals ;
  • Red spots : clotted blood .

The result from this observation , in none case no can Yes replace the performance on laboratory research at diagnosis on the diseases . No can Yes everything uses for diagnostics or treatment , or  Yes be occasion for neglect the recommendations on medical persons . The detoxifier it is not medical product .



Although that the method is simple and easy available , ion detoxification is not suitable for everyone . There is some Limits by attitude on use : people with pacemakers , implanted organs , soul sick , sick from epilepsy .

No wait more , for Yes everything release from toxins and yes return vitality you are Invest in yours health and well-being ! No only will everything feel better , but it will you look better . Get started the new one you are care for health today !

The device is a product on the modern one western science , applied on practice , according to understandings on the eastern one philosophical system for the human and the human body . He it is not medical product and working with it no turns off the prescriptions on the official one medicine. For more information and order everything contact us _ on telephone number 0899 973 924 or email [email protected] .