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Acupuncture pen - massager

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Acupuncture pen - massager


  • Stimulates acupuncture points
  • Unclogs clogs energetic channels
  • Removes pain and stiffness
  • Cosmetically means vs wrinkles
  • Against muscular pains and cramps
  • The price no includes battery





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Acupuncture pen - massager


The acupuncture pen - massager is innovative a device that combine two important and extremely useful techniques for improvement on health - acupuncture and massage . This device everything uses for stimulation on active points in the body with a purpose raising on energy and removal on stress and tension .

Acupuncture is ancient Chinese practice , at which everything put thin needles in certain points on the body , for Yes everything stimulates the energy one flow in the body . This one methodology everything founded on the teaching that in the body there is network from energetic channels , known like meridians , trans who everything moves the vital energy , known such as " qi ", "chi" or "ki". Problems like pains , swellings and imbalances in the body everything consider for result from affected meridians and problems in energy flow . Acupuncture pen - massager uses for stimulation on these points through soft vibration or lightly application on electric pulse with low frequency .

The acupuncture pen is easy way for impact , with proven benefits for health . Usually everything used in the traditional Chinese medicine , sometimes instead or in combination with acupuncture .


  • Like means for impact on acupuncture points by body and stimulation them Yes unblock the flow of chi po meridians or Yes focus chi on weak or damaged internal organ . The light ones electric impulses act by the same way like acupuncture needles or acupuncture massage .
  • The studies show that _ short volume acupuncture therapy is helpful for reduction on the free ones radicals in the blood , cleansing on the body from viral and bacterial infections and even revival on the dead cells associated with cancer . _
  • For relieve on the pain , through blocking on the signals for pain while _ them everything move from the nervous one system to the brain . The ripples they also have a relaxing one effect on the tense ones muscles , similar on this one at the massage .
  • Like means for beauty for stimulation on the muscles on face and body , as well as for tightening and rejuvenation on skin and subcutaneous tissue layers for reduction on wrinkles and sagging skin related _ with aging .
  • Uses se , like portable hand device for automatically impact when _ the muscles are in plaster or bus . The impulse contraction effectively works on the muscle which prevents atrophy .

Important protective measures

Never no use under shower , bathtub , pool or high humidity .
No use on or near to the sinuses , the throat , the neck , the time on pregnancy and children under 12. Keep safe away from homemade favorites . No it use on people who _ no they can Yes talking or are unconscious . Consult see a doctor , seriously cordially . No everything try it Yes the openings the device and yes it fix it . This will cancels the guarantee . If no everything uses continuously time , please take out the battery .

Note : The acupuncture pen uses the hand you , like grounding pillar, for Yes shut up the circuit , so that sometimes can Yes you have sensations in the hand with which it hold . This is because there is a lot acupuncture points in the hands . Just change lightly the grip or catch the device with more from the surface on the hand, for scatter the effect. Before Yes start, make sure know that you have all :

List oF PARTS OF the set

  • Acupuncture pen
  • Interchangeable tips ( ball tip and wide tip )

Usage of the Acupuncture Pen Massager

  • Place battery I AA in the compartment ( no included in the price ).
  • Turn on the device , as hold the handle with the tip up and press the lower one half on the black one button for switching . On the display must Yes everything appeared the number 1. Repeat , for Yes increase the power until 9.
  • Place a little quantity contact gel on the inner one you are wrist .
  • Starting out with medium-low setting on device (3 or 4), press strongly the top to the skin . If in the beginning no feel it nothing , swipe the top around the general area , while feel pulsating feeling . If everything more no you feel nothing , click on the button for higher setting . If feel it burning , use more contacts gel for _ removal on the problem .
  • Continue Yes you drag top while feel it strong pulse . When the impulse is strong , that means that you are find the acupuncture point and stimulate it . You can Yes hold the pen directly on the point or gently Yes massage around her and more stretch on the connected meridian . Often will feel it pulsating others points by meridian or by the whole length on meridian . The location on the points are at the end on this one brochure .
  • The use of the Acupuncture Pen for automatically triggering on the muscular contraction is wonderful way for exercising on motionless muscle , for assistance at perception or for prevention on atrophy when you have broken bone in plaster. ( Consult with your doctor, before you use the device directly on wound or broken bone.)

It takes a little practice , for Yes everything find the right ones points on the muscle and the device must Yes be pressed a little deeper into the surface on the skin . Also it is so important Yes relax the muscle which everything You try Yes trigger , so like the tension can Yes prevented on the device . When find the right one place , the muscle literally will jump alone and will " bounce " energetically while the top everything move from this place . Only lightly movement will stop the effect , so that everything give it a try find comfortable position which keep for a few minutes ( fifteen is optimal to twenty minutes ). After this just relax limb and leave the device Yes performed yours isolated muscular workout instead you .

Usage OF the Acupuncture pen massager AS A pain reliever

Apply the gel on affected area and press the top to the skin , as make it happen healthy contact . Hold on the device on one place or it move until feel stronger pulsation . Continue a few minutes . The hair by the body they can Yes prevent on the device Yes implements good skin contact . The use on more contact gel will prevent the electric one rainbow which causes feeling for burning. You can Yes you use gel for muscular pains .

When you work with the Acupuncture Pen , good place for beginning are joints : elbows , knees , ankles and wrists . In the Nei Ching, over 4000 years old a book by internal diseases , which is the main one text , from which everything teaches the whole science for acupuncture impact , se says that _ the joints are one from the places where external pathogens everything retain in the body , causing blockages of chi. So that she is always good an idea Yes use acupuncture therapy in these areas , for Yes help the body Yes cleanse pathogens .

Usage of the Acupuncture pen massager as cosmetically means

Place Acupen on lower setting (2 to 4) and apply the contact gel on the face ( gel from aloe faith or everyone cleaner or moisturizing product which you like it , you will works while _ the face stay wet by time on the treatment ). Careful , though everything again carrying out good contact , move acupuncture points around the face , as you avoid eye contact or mucous membranes . When feel pulsation , leave it on place for a few minutes and leave the device working, tones and tightens those facial muscles which are inclined everything relax with age .
Concentrate everything on problematic places like bags or puffiness around eyes and cheeks . I will be amazed how much good it works only after a few procedures.