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        • Detox and weight loss patches

          Gold detox patches

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          • СЕ certificate
          • The patch is made of 100% wood pulp and is covered with medical glue.
          • The patch is naturally degradable, environmentally friendly and does not harm your health and nature.
          • Allows the feet to breathe, no allergens.


          • Cardboard box with 10 sachets and 10 Detox patches.
          • One box is sufficient for 5 days.
          • The published price is for one box.
          • Made in China 


          Recommended cleansing period is 15 days. Three boxes are required.

          Cleansing with Detox patches is an extremely quick and easy way to detoxify. Also, the most popular one for maintaining good health and working efficiency.


          Herbal extract with a slimming effect, bamboo extract, tourmaline, vitamin C, plant and mineral powder, polyethylene glycol (for better solubility) and dextrin (for easy absorption). Regulates pH and promotes weight loss.


          15 consecutive days during sleep.


          Customers report various effects which they have observed after cleansing with Detox patches:

          1. Disappearing of leg fatigue and swelling during the warm months,
          2. Reduction of overweight,
          3. Stronger and shining skin,
          4. Swelling under the eyes diminish,
          5. More relaxed and fulfilling sleep,
          6. Dental plague is reduced, etc.   



          There is no evidence of intolerance, apart from an individual one, to any of the ingredients of the relevant detox patch model.

          If you notice redness or any other reaction of the skin, stop using it. It is not recommended to place on injured skin.

          The use of Detox patches does not exclude compliance with prescriptions of official medicine.

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