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          • Detoxification

            What is Detox machine and ion detoxification?

            The Detox machine is a new generation prophylaxis device resulting from advancement of science and a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of cell operation. The ion detox machine works on the principle of ion detoxification.

            Ion detoxification is a process of penetration of ions into the cells through the cell membrane ducts. The natural detoxification of the body is carried out by sweating and the excretory system. In ion detoxification, the natural detoxification channels are used - through them the body expels toxins and contamination via a negative electric field resulting from the decomposition of water into negative and positive ion.

            Cleansing with a detox machine takes place through the feet where there are more than 2000 pores, or through the hands. The penetrating negative ions restore the electrical potential of the cells, resulting in the restoration of their ability to self-purify in 100% of their potential. This is what is meant when it is said that a Detox machine helps the body function in the way it is created by nature.

            The Detox machine does not cure, but it provokes the rejuvenating processes in the body, helping organs and systems return to their natural state of balance and harmony.

            The Detox machine nowadays is necessarily present in the equipment of SPA resorts, alternative treatment health centres and many homes.

            What makes the Detox machine a favourite and what are its advantages over other detoxification methods?

            • Detoxification is extremely easy. When we decide to do it, we do not have to buy products, herbs, juices, blenders, etc. We only need 30 minutes of our time for two or three days.
            • Detoxification with the detox machine is pleasant. This is the time for us only, which we often ignore. We are ready to turn our own needs off to please our loved ones, our colleagues, our boss, the kids and everyone else ... But we forget that we have urgent needs and we need a lot of time for ourselves, to be healthy, harmonious and balanced. With the Detox machine we will relax and restart!
            • Unlike detoxification by other means, it is not necessary to remember hours of intake, to forget them involuntarily and to wonder how to catch up with the schedule.
            • It is not necessary to drink bitter potions every day and for months.
            • With the Detox machine, if you are at home, you save at least 3 hours of visiting spa, rehabilitation, salon, etc.,. and a lot of money.

            Does the Detox machine have any additional features and what are they?

            In order to get the most out of the procedure with the Detox machine, we can use its additional heat-up function with an infrared heating belt. Warming with a detoxification belt can be made both during detoxification, when it helps to clear the lymphatic system, and on its own, twice a day. Warming with the belt is done for a maximum of 45 minutes. The belt is placed in places with discomfort, pain, malaise - knees, shoulders, neck, back, waist, or other. However, before you warm any part of the body, consult a doctor for contraindications.

            There is a detox machine with an extra massage function. Massage is done with two massaging electrodes or slippers. Massage with massaging slippers covers a larger area - a whole foot. While the massage with the massaging electrodes is limited to several square centimetres.

            Acupuncture points massage needs to be done carefully and with deeper understanding.

            Detoxification with a detox machine via the ion detoxification method is an innocuous process, but always use it with care and attention.

            Does the Detox machine usage have contraindications and what are they?

            • Not recommended for people with mental problems and epilepsy.
            • Not recommended for people with grafted organs, heart valves.
            • Should not be used after a heart attack, after a stroke - carefully and with measure.

            In which cases it is recommended to use the Detox machine?

            • For people working in an unhealthy environment.
            • People who smoke and over-drink.
            • Allergies.
            • Mental work, immobilization, work with a computer.
            • Overweight and many more.
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