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        • Ion cleanse, Detox machine B 01

          Ion cleanse, Detox machine

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          Item №: B 01

          The set contains:

          1. Detox machine
          2. Detoxifying electrode
          3. Bracelet – to close the circuit
          4. Belt for infrared heat
          5. Massaging electrodes
          6. Cable


          1. Five cleansing programs
          2. Graph for tracking the progress
          3. Reading of the detoxification time
          4. Monitoring of the intensity of detoxification
          5. Massage with current pulses using two massage electrodes
          6. Option for massage with massaging slippers

          24-month warranty for individuals.

          Origin: China

          This detox machine model allows you to choose between 5 detox programs. It has additional functions: heating with a bamboo belt and impulse massage with 2 electrodes. It works with massaging electrodes and massaging slippers for feet massage and their acupuncture points.

          Belt for infrared heat

          Infrared heat is particularly suitable for the decomposition of fat from the surface structures of the body. It is used in the treatment of arthritis, muscle aches and spasms, muscular-skeletal and joint complaints. Infrared heat has a stimulating effect on skin and tissues. It helps facilitate circulation when sweating and helps natural body cleansing.

          Massaging function 

          Massaging slippers perform massage on the soles of the feet on acupuncture points, massaging electrodes can be placed on any part of the body. They perform impulse massage and naturally stimulate healing and prophylactic processes.


          Benefits from using the Detox machine

          • Activates the operation of cells and tissues,
          • Stimulates the vegetative nervous system,
          • Provides prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases,
          • Strengthens the immune system,
          • Stimulates the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, 
          • Reduces the levels of free radicals,
          • Facilitates the ability of cells to relax, resulting in improved sleep,
          • Normalizes body weight.

          Colour and composition of the waste mixture after the detoxification procedure 

          They provide approximate information on the type of expelled toxins.

          • Yellow-green: detoxification from kidneys, bladder, urinary tract;
          • Orange: detoxification from joints;
          • Black: detoxification from liver, tobacco, cellular debris;
          • Dark green: gallbladder detoxification;
          • White foam: lymphatic system detoxification;
          • White particles: most likely when enzymes are not working properly;
          • Black spots: heavy metals;
          • Red spots: clotted blood.


          The result of this observation can by no means replace the use of laboratory tests in the diagnosis of diseases. It cannot be used for treatment, as well as ignoring the recommendations of modern medicine.

          Results from working with the Detox machine 

          The result of detoxification is restoration of the normal vitality and functioning of the human organism in an innocuous, easy and non-invasive way, as created by nature itself.



          Although the detoxifying method is simple and easy to access, ion detoxification is not appropriate for everyone. There are some restrictions on its use: people with pacemakers, grafted organs, mentally ill or epileptic patients.

          Benefits from detoxification with an ionic detox machine 

          1. Quitting smoking
          2. Alcohol problems
          3. Overweight problems
          4. Aggravated fat metabolism
          5. Kidney diseases
          6. Acne
          7. Sexual problems
          8. Sleep problems
          9. Stress
          10. Unhealthy nutrition
          11. Chronic diseases
          12. Need for toning, refreshing and cleansing of the body

          Everyone could benefit from this innocuous, enjoyable and visibly effective and proven detox procedure. The use of the device does not exclude compliance with prescriptions of official medicine. We cannot comment on this way of detoxification, we can share results with our clients who have shared them with us.

          We test the devices before sending them to the customers. 

          The result of this observation can by no means replace the use of laboratory tests in the diagnosis of diseases. It cannot be used for treatment, as well as ignoring the recommendations of modern medicine.

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