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        • Vega test

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          Vega test

          12-month warranty for individuals.

          Origin: Spain.

          Delivered on order.

          Vega Test is an innovative technology which allows us to measure our tolerance to different foods. In this way, we can easily understand which foods are useful and which are harmful to us. The Vega test helps to reduce overweight and improve health and fitness. Thanks to it, we can prevent many diseases. Proper nutrition is the basis of a complete life, which is why the Vega test is extremely important for our health.

          Dr. Helmut Schummel created the Vega test system in 1978. His theory states that each food has a different energy structure. The study was carried out by taking into account the values ​​of the bio field. The principles of electro-acupuncture are used to make the technology of the computer device. This test has limitless possibilities, given that everything around us has electro-magnetic properties. This means that absolutely everything can be reflected as our compatibility. This test offers you the wonderful opportunity to find harmony and balance both in yourself and in the world around you.

          For the Vega test, ampoules (witnesses) are needed that you can get from us. We recommend 100 pcs for 100 different allergens.

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