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          • Health prophylaxis

            The Ozonizer device produces ozone in harmless concentration. Ozone is a light blue gas with a specific odour. It consists of three oxygen atoms and is very unstable. It breaks down to two atoms of oxygen and one negative ion. Even at the time of its discovery it was noticed that it is a strong disinfectant.

            Why do we need a home Ozinizer?

            Today, when pollution has reached uncontrolled proportions and there is no place on the planet that is not mastered, and when real food is replaced unnoticeablyby false food, we need a home assistant to bring order in our relationship with nature.

            Applications of the Ozonizer:

            1. The Ozinizer fills the air with ozone, destroying viruses, bacteria, spores, and other microorganisms circulating in the rooms. Especially recommended for children's rooms, offices, clinics, kindergartens and classrooms, places with a risk of virus infections.
            2. It removes odours from cooking, cigarette smoke or pets. Used also for toilets, cabinets, wardrobes. What is valuable here is that ozone destroys the odour-bearing molecule rather than temporarily masking it.
            3. With the Ozonizer water is disinfected. Unscented source water after treatment with ozone is suitable for drinking. Even our tap water, if we ozone it, it will have better taste and will come similar to spring water.
            4. But more importantly, ozone eliminates pesticides, chlorine and heavy metals dissolved in water, decomposes them to the simplest ones and converts them into sludge. And perhaps the most important thing - the ozonizer adds nothing to water, does not change its mineral composition and alkalinity.
            5. Water treated with the Ozonizer is healing within 15 minutes of its preparation. It can remove bad breath, sore throat, gum inflammation, and treat acne, psoriasis, fungal infections and many others.
            6. Nowadays, there is a branch in medicine and about 12,000 physicians in Europe who use ozone in the treatment of asthma, allergies, and diseases of the genital system, gums and teeth, skin problems.
            7. When you use the Ozonizer for a specific treatment, always consult a specialist.
            8. Cosmetics has long used ozone and ozone therapy to degrade cellulite, against wrinkles and skin irritations. No side effects are mentioned from ozone treatment, and the success rate reaches 70-90%.
            9. With the Ozonizer you can purify meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, seafood, placed in a container of water. Ozone processes and dissolves fertilizers, pesticides and hormones in the processed products. Iron, manganese, lead and other heavy metals are oxidized, remain in the water and discard them. Thus we eliminate simultaneously mechanical and chemical pollution.
            10. With the Ozonizer we can disinfect (in a container of water) all kinds of items - baby utensils, toys, toothbrushes, combs and other personal belongings.
            11. In the household - we can use the Ozonizer and ozone for disinfection of premises - kitchens, dining rooms, children's rooms, bedrooms, common rooms, closets, bathrooms, etc.
            12. When working with ozone, the following peculiarity should be taken into account: during the procedure and shortly afterwards there should be no people and pets in the room. Ozone decomposes rapidly, the final product of its decomposition being oxygen.
            13. The Ozonizer has no consumables. Its source material is oxygen and it is abundant in the atmosphere. After ozonization, the process has no waste products - ozone re-flows into oxygen. We have a closed cycle in which we get purification without polluting.
            14. The world is full of various devices which relieve our lives, but they all emit heat or light rays, create magnetic fields, electric, mobile or internet networks, the air is electrified by excessive synthetics. The result is chronic fatigue, headache, disturbed sleep, allergies are triggered, and blood pressure rises. These are signs of the absence of negative ions in the premises where we live and work.
            15. The absence of negative ions is compensated by the additional function of the Ozonizer - ionization. Ozone and negative ions complement each other's properties and combine to maximize efficiency.


            Benefits of using the Ozonizer:

            1. The presence of enough negative ions (according to WHO data at least 2000 / cm³) stimulates metabolism.
            2. Positively affects asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis, influenza, hypertension (initial stage), insomnia, migraine, headache, fatigue, irritability.
            3. Reduces static electricity.
            4. Reduces dust in the rooms.
            5. Stimulates immunity.
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